Alexandra Lier a multidisciplinary creative, visual artist and filmmaker. Born in Frankfurt, she studied communication design, film & photography. Upon graduation, Lier worked as a award winning creative for major advertising agencies like BBDO, Jung von Matt and Leo Burnett. After winning more than 40 advertising awards, she pursued her interest in arts.

Over the last decade, Lier built a substantial reputation in fine art photography. Best known for her photography. Lier’s photographs are dramatic and cinematic. Her disciplines as diverse as fashion, film and extreme sports. Her works including Speedseekers (Fine Art Book by Gingko Press, 2009) and The World´s Fastest Place (Fine Art Book by Kehrer Verlag, 2014). Her work has been featured in many online and print magazines, blogs, newspapers and was shown on art exhibitions like Scope Basel and Bloom Cologne.

As author, director and co-producer she recently finished her first feature-length documentary „The World´s Fastest“. As a teenager, she was a singer and bass player of a punk rock group called Twiggy Killers that hit the German and European scene. She loves to ride motorcycle and drive her 1967 Plymouth Barracuda.


Spiegel online, Süddeutsche Zeitung, FAZ, BBC, Bored Panda, Auto Bild, Photographie Magazine, CNN online, Stern online, Petroliciouse, NDR, Design Boom, Fubiz, Esquire, Ramp, …


Spiegel, Axel Springer, Mini, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Honda, Harry Damson, Diebels, Olympus, Puma, Nike, Dickies, Audi, Audi DTM, Air Newzealand, Garnier, Startups, …


Speedseekers features Alexandra Lier’s photographs and videos of interesting people who are passionate about cars, vans, vehicles, motorcyles, customizing, handcrafting and garages.

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